Created in 1998, the QK BCN shops are an indispensable visit when shopping in Barcelona. The selection of garments is both trendy and stylish, with a  hint of ethnic inspiration. Along with its own brand, Lio de Faldas, other well known brands such as Missoni or Elisabetta Franchi take part on the selection.


But it is not only the product what makes QK BCN unforgettable;  is the whole shopping experience. Its  personal stylists, peaceful music as well as exotic scents  create a pleasant  and extraordinary atmosphere thatcustomers will enjoy while shopping.


A wide selection of products from all over the world, handpicked by our buyers. From tabletops to handbags, or little pieces of jewellery, it can all be found in QK BCN.


QK BCN has become a place full of trends that any fashionista must visit.